Zanzibar Tours & Excursions

Come and explore Zanzibar with us!

We offer tours & excursions all around Zanzibar. From land excursions to mesmerising you with the history, culture, fauna & flora of the Island to exciting sea-safaris, we have something to tickle everyone’s fancy.

Our land excursions include trips to Zanzibar’s spice farms, Jozani forest, Prison Island, Stone Town, the North coast, south coast and many more. We also offer cultural excursions to local villages, educational outings with lectures, cooking courses and special interest tours.

For ocean lovers, we offer diving, snorkeling, fishing and sailing trips. From traditional Dhows to powerful speed boat trips, sea-safaris can take place from just about anywhere on the Island.

Our friendly tour guides are knowledgeable and well informed and will make your excursion an unforgettable one. It is not unusual for them to go beyond the call of duty as they take immense pride in their profession. We provide our guides with study material on African history and current affairs as well as access to the Internet for self study.

Routes and itineraries are well planned to get the most out of every trip but we are flexible and can adjust the trip according to your needs.

Gallery Tours & Safaris encourages and promotes environmental sustainability therefore, we endeavour to operate in a way that contributes to the protection of Zanzibar’s culture, environment and traditions.

Please see our range of land excursions and sea excursions that we offer in Zanzibar.


Our Guides

A good and knowledgeable guide is the key to a great tour and excursion in Zanzibar and therefore we take extra pride in bringing our clients the very best service.

Our guides are unique and more importantly passionate about their country and its natural beauty.

We are dedicated to providing our guides with regular refresher courses and industry updates.

We try and introduce new excursions to keep in line with our outstanding service and to ensure that we provide the best of Zanzibar to our clients.

Representation in Zanzibar

We have two airport reps at Zanzibar Airport who provide meet and greet services for all our arriving guests.

We have excursion desks stationed in various hotels in Zanzibar: Gold Zanzibar and Seacliff Zanzibar. Furthermore, we have a roaming rep who visits our guests in hotels that do not have an excursion desk. These hotel reps handle excursions and transfers for our guests.

We are looking to expand the hotel desk representation to other hotels too.

Our guides and reps are multilingual and amongst them can speak English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Russian.